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Tablet protective foils

The foils are designed to protect tablets from scratches and shocks. There are many people who decide not to use a protective case, especially to view the modern design of the tablet. These people can decide to use protective foils. The foils can be very thin and resistant made of glass or plastic with special properties. Together with your tablet you can connect also you Smart TV, video camera, Smartphone, etc

Top 5 properties, components and main features for this product:

  1. Durable – the higher the quality of these sheets, the better they can protect tablets from scratches and shocks.
  2. Coverage – It is recommended to purchase tablets that are specific to the tablet so that the screen is fully covered.
  3. Sensibility – it is recommended to purchase protective foils that have a high level of sensitivity so that the functions can be used with maximum efficiency.
  4. Application – – To avoid the appearance of bubbles or voids under the protective while applying the foil, clean the phone a dry cloth, remove the adhesive foil and gently mount it with the phone horizontally, being recommended to install from top to bottom.
  5. Package – To make the foil easy to apply, it is recommended that together with the foil to purchase a package containing: 2 foils, micro fiber napkins and a guide on how to apply the foil.


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