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Memory cards

Practical arguments

Currently there are memory cards of over 100GB. These memory cards can capture and store photos, videos, documents. The more you acquire newer memory cards, the more manufacturers may offer the ability to write information faster. The main components and functions for this product are as follows:

  1. Compatibility – this product can be used with multiple equipment (phones, laptops, tablets, computer, GPS, MP3 Player), it is recommended that the technical specifications on compatibility be read on purchase. For this compatibility, we refer to the fact that this memory card should have an SD adapter.
  2. Devices with SDHC slot – to be able to be used very quickly and easily, it is recommended that the devices you have are equipped with an SDHC slot and that the SD card is also equipped with an SD adapter.
  3. High reading and writing rate – For this product to be used efficiently and in a timely manner, it is recommended to read technical specifications before purchase. This aspect is especially important when you want to load, for example, a 500-folder with over 4 GB of photos. If reading and writing speeds are high, valuable time is gained for other activities.
  4. High reliability – because the card can be transported and used by people in different environments: cold, moisture, dust, it is recommended to resist these situations.



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