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Phone covers

The most important function of the protective covers is that they protect the phones from scratches, shocks and increase the chances that these phones will not break. If these covers are also active then it adds a number of functions that increase the working speed of the phones and increase the level of communication.

Top 5 components and main features for this product:

  1. Protection – The cover offers extra protection from scratches and shocks. It decreases the chance of display cracks.
  2. Multiple functions – If this case has active properties, then the switching cap can correlate additional real-time functions like: viewing time, date, call, music, without opening the switching cover.
  3. Stand cover – it is recommended that these covers also be used as a stand to allow games, photos and movies to be viewed as conveniently as possible.
  4. Access to ports – the cases are built in such a way that people have access to all ports, buttons and phone jacks
  5. Design – it is recommended that the case that is purchased for the phone has a stylish look that inspires people in a positive way


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