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Screen Cleaner kit for electronic equipments

Practical arguments

If we want electronic equipment to be as clean as possible so we can have access to the technology that makes them so valuable, it is recommended that these equipment (TV, Laptop, keyboard, phone, tablet, etc.) is cleaned regularly. In this regard, it is recommended to purchase special towels, spray. By cleaning a protective layer is obtained through the existing antistatic properties. The main components of these accessories are as follows:

  1. Spray – It is recommended that when purchasing such a spray, pay attention to the fact that the liquid inside the spray has antistatic properties. Before use, it is recommended that the container shake gently and can be sprayed directly onto the screen or on the napkin. Buying a spray can provide people with the opportunity to benefit from its properties multiple times.
  2. Cleaning towels – Their essential role is highlighted by the fact that their use quickly and effectively removes dust, dirt, fingerprints. Screen cleaning can be done by circular movements until the surface remains clean. Do not press on the screen with the napkin on the cleaning surface. If the tissues are purchased without a spray, then it is recommended that they are used once, as the antistatic and effective cleaning properties are lost afterwards.
  3. Cleaning Kit – This spray and towels can be purchased separately or in the form of a kit containing both.


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