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Sport trousers/pants

Sport trousers, whether short or long, it is recommended to be as light, comfortable and functional as possible. Why? Because is necessary to benefit from fast drying technology, absorb moisture, be made of antibacterial material, and prevent skin irritation. Sports trousers whether chosen for training or racing, it is better to look very good, to have a colour and even a logo that represents and inspires you. Sport trouser will gives you positive energy for you to accomplish your goal and increase your self-esteem. Choosing training or race trousers can clearly become one of your personal projects. Last but not least, it would be advisable to include the other equipment such as the sport T-shirt, the shoes for running, smartwatch, the compression socks and the sport backpack.

  1. Light or ultra-light – the material from which the running trousers or sporting trousers are made is recommended to be as light as possible. The main argument is given by the athletes’ experience, once the energy is consumed during the training or race. The most important principle of choosing such sport trousers is “not to be a burden, but to help me and inspire me”.
  2. Maintain muscles effectively – the sport trousers cut is necessary to maintain the leg muscles optimally and reduce fatigue. If these sport trousers provide adequate compression, this can be an extra asset. So, during the race you will have the “positive feeling” that you are VERY CLEVER that you have chosen an effective sports equipment.
  3. Contain anti-skidding material – in the situation where it is necessary to walk/pass on obstacles that require your body to rub against that obstacle, it is recommended that the material from which the sport trousers are made should “provide safety” during the obstacle passing and not slip. In this case you avoid skin irritation, which provides emotional security that there is no high risk of injury. Under no circumstances should anyone choose a sporting equipment that causes irritation. If athletes decide to wear sport shorts, but there may still be obstacles with a risk of skin irritation, then we recommend that you equip yourself with compression stockings a little longer, to the knees. These compression stockings will surely help and protect your personal sports project from many complications that may occur when least expected.
  4. Have a drawstring at the waist – during training or jogging it is recommended that your pants can be tightened or loosen to feel more comfortable, especially when inherent fatigue arises. For convenience, it is advisable to have a drawstring and even use it when you feel it is necessary.
  5. Have an elastic waist line – for people who do not want their pants to have a strap, then it is recommended to pay attention to the elastic waist. This can clearly give you a level of comfort during exercise.
  6. Inner net underwear – There are many situations where athletes want their sports pants to have underwear inside. This can clearly help you with better body breathing and increased comfort during exercise and does not even require you to wear an extra underwear.
  7. Have at least one zipper pocket – For many athletes it is important that sport pants to have external pockets where they can store, for example, the phone or energy bars / gels. This small pocket is very valuable, especially if you don’t take a small sport backpack with you. This pocket should have a zipper so that during your training or race, the sport equipment’s in your pockets do not fall. If you encounter water, mud or rain on your route, then it would be good for your pocket to be waterproof.
  8. Have anti-perspiration technology – the material from which the trousers are made is recommended to contribute to rapid elimination of sweat. In addition, by the quick-drying properties that should be in “the shorts design”, it can contribute to enhanced comfort during physical activity.
  9. Reflective inserts or stripes – in concrete situations, the trousers are recommended to have reflective stripes, for example if the race lasts longer and takes place during the night. If you know that the training or race does not take place during the night, then it is not necessary to have these reflective inserts. It all depends on how long the training or race takes or the time you start your practice.
  10. Logo/message/nice colours – for many athletes the choice of sport trousers is clearly influenced by the logo/message or even the colour of the sport T-shirt. That is why these cumulative or individual aspects can be decisive in choosing a favourite pair of trousers to be worn both in training or race and even on the podium.
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