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Wireless Keyboard for TV

Practical arguments

A multi-function keyboard connected to smart TV can offer people freedom and speed of access to information. Many people decide to purchase such a keyboard to quickly and efficiently access both TV programs, but especially information from the internet or even music, games, photos. The speed of access to information, as well as the greatest distance from which information can be accessed, are important advantages that people have in mind when acquiring such keyboards. Another important aspect that we recommend that people consider is the fact that this keypad can be easily connected and compatible with home or work-based TV. At the time of purchase, we recommend that the keypad has the following important components and features:

  1. Wireless and Bluetooth technology – to give freedom when people access information from TV, it is recommended that the keyboard has these Wireless and Bluetooth technologies.
  2. Have a built-in touch pad – to provide maximum freedom in accessing information, it is recommended that the keyboard has a built-in touch pad. It usually appears to the right of the keyboard or in the middle, under the keys.
  3. Buttons with many functions – the main buttons with functions can be for example: enter, uppercase, lowercase, menu, exit, computer, volume, internet, search, mouse cursor, mute, copy, digits, letters, signs, etc.
  4. Be compatible with more equipment – a smart keyboard can be compatible with both the TV and your computer, laptop, music speakers, tablet.
  5. The access distance is as big as possible – the distance from the keyboard to the TV may be as large as possible. In this regard, it is recommended to be careful that this distance from the keyboard to the TV is more than 10 meters.
  6. Have different connection ports built in – to have as much computing and connectivity as possible, it is recommended that the keyboard also has the possibility of connecting via USB, HDMI, optical cable output.


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